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european ceramic
context 2006

A major European ceramic event.
For the first time this event presented contemporary European ceramics. Through exhibitions, conference, workshops, master classes and a technical display we aimed to discuss and experience the situation of European ceramics in 2006. European Ceramic Context was jointly organized in collaboration between The Art Museum on Bornholm, Business Center BornholmDanmarks Designskole Bornholm, Grønbechs Gård, Møbelfabrikken and Hjorths Fabrik – Bornholms Keramikmuseum.
All of the 25 members of the European Union were participating, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.
The Danish Ministry of Culture, The Local Municipality of Bornholm as well as a number of funds and private sponsors are financing the event.

List of Sponsors 2006 pdf

3 extensive exhibitions presented the best of European Ceramics
3 exhibitions presented 143 artists and industrial designers from 28 European Countries in the categories: Established Ceramists, Young Ceramists and Industrial Design. 
A National commissioner from their relevant country carefully selected the exhibiting artists. 
2 artists from each country were represented with 2 principal pieces of work in each of the 3 exhibition categories.
The exhibition for young Ceramists were shown at Grønbechs Gård, the exhibition for Industrial Design at Hjorths Fabrik, and the exhibition for Established Ceramists was shown at The Art Museum on Bornholm.

3 grand prizes of € 10.000
A prize of 10.000 € were given to one outstanding artist in each exhibition category.
A jury of 5 International members with expertise in the field of ceramics selected the prizewinners.

The jury members
Nino Caruso, IT
Peteris Martinsons LT
Martina Margetts, UK
Janet Mansfield, AUS
Lars Kærulf Møller, DK

The prize winners
Established artists: Theodora Chorafas, GR
Young ceramists: Mattia Vernocchi, IT
Industrial ceramic designers: Piet Stockmans, BG

List of National Commissioners pdf
List of all Exhibiting Artists and Industrial Designers pdf

A Conference

Conference themes
“The landscape of European ceramics: How has it been and is connected to local traditions of philosophy, scholarship and educational structures?
“Professionalism in ceramic design and craft; can we link this to the multitude of different national, economical and cultural settings with their varying speeds of development?
“Can we define a European common denominator over and above those movements linked with national philosophy, culture and community?”
“Pan-European migration, globalisation and the information highway influencing tradition and national cultural awareness.
“European influences in the International ceramics arena.
“Who is setting the agenda? A look at the impact of magazines, galleries and shops upon current European ceramic tendencies.”

The speakers were
Panel moderator: John Gibson, Danmarks Designskole Bornholm
Paul Greenhalgh, Director and President Corcoran Gallery and School of Art, Washington DC “The Current Context and the History of European Ceramics”
Karen Lisa Salamon, Associate Professor, Ph.D., anthropologist, Denmark’s Design School, Denmark “Authenticity – issues of identity-politics and authentification in crafts and design”
Anders Ruhwald, Ceramist Denmark
Gabi Dewald, Chief Editor of the German ceramics magazine KeramikMagazin. “Rebuilding the Tower of Babel?”
Jorunn Veiteberg, Professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway “Material or medium – different positions in contemporary ceramics”
Nino Caruso, Ceramist Italy
Janet Mansfield, ceramist and editor of the journal ‘Ceramics: Art and Perception’, Australia “In Search of a Common European Identity”
Louise Mazanti, Ph.D. Candidate, Denmark’s Design School, Denmark“Running the bike with different goals – ceramic context and the development of professions”
Michael Geertsen, Ceramist Denmark 
Edmund de Waal, ceramist and art critic, United Kingdom, “Making Meaning: Ceramics in the 21st Century”
Sissel Wathne, Ceramist Denmark

An International Student workshop
Students from all over Europe will be addressing the theme:
Hjorth’s Factory Bornholm – Museum of Ceramics, a working factory museum, will be the focus for this workshop.
The students will address the following questions:
“How do we see the role of a working ceramic museum in our shifting future?
“What are the expectations of young clay practitioners from a working ceramic museum?”
“What influences and consequences occur when the past meets the future?””

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