prize winners

Prize winners European Ceramic Context 2010
Bornholms Kunstmuseum og Grønbechs Gård

Ceramic  Art  – Rafael Pérez, Spain

Rafael Pérez focuses our attention to the eruption of the material by creating both physical and psychological associations to natural forces. He draws us into the seductive surface, creating frozen images of dramatic events.
Each of his objects is a three-dimensional tour-de-force, not only in form, but also in the way in which it expands our understanding of clay by its innovation and experimentation. Powerful and evocative they push the material toward a new direction.

New Talent – Christin Johansson, Sweden

Christin Johansson´s work exposes a feminist association to sanitary ware and to the habitual processes of personal hygiene.

She alters our notion of what could be included in a boudoir, challenging us to rethink objects of daily use. The anthropomorphized pieces are soft, sensuous and of the flesh.

By referencing the slick, formal language of a design commodity, her work verges on the edge between art and industry.

See images from the exhibition opening here!

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